Based in Dubai, Daniela Nikolova focuses on combining different modalities such as colour and crystal therapy, metaphor therapy and meditation. She is a soul artist, writer and integrative nutrition certified health coach. She is a dance facilitator and teaches Qoya dance, created by Rochelle Schieck a shamanic energy healer and personal trainer, based on the idea that through movement we remember that our essence is wise, wild and free. Daniela said: “To me personally, Qoya is like an elixir for mind, body, heart, spirit and soul. It works on all levels by combining yoga, specifically choreographed movements as well as the empowering effect of free dance.”

Her journey to self-discovery started after her second child was born when she found herself in a cycle of never ending physical challenges. Daniela began experiencing profound changes in her life after attending different healing workshops such as reiki, pranic healing and Jin Shin Jyutsu, With support of her naturopathic doctor, her reconnection with her higher self was deepened after she was introduced to the Akashic records, a method that allows us to access higher spiritual wisdom.

She said: “In my approach of serving others I have chosen to combine different techniques and modalities. I am a strong believer that in order to feel whole we need to align in all levels; you cannot put a beautiful flower in a broken vase for example. Also, I’m a certified integrative nutrition health coach, which allows me to craft an exquisite container and then fill it up with goodness; in response to and accordance with each person’s goals and needs.”

Daniela is a part of the creative team at The Master Shift, a non-profit organisation, based in New York. They provide services to humanity, including financial assistance to charitable organisations around the world, educational conferences that facilitate spiritual growth, worldwide healing and commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.


My session with Daniela was magical. She has a gentle way of creating a sacred space for the magic to happen, and then inviting the creative inside to play. Her way of teaching is natural and intuitive. As someone who has rarely painted, I was surprised by how smoothly the session went, like it was something I had been doing all along. After the session, I felt like I had broken through a wall that was holding me back from fully expressing the power of my heart. Deeply grateful for this gifted healer, mentor and friend.”

Suzanne Blake, Business Owner.

Daniela is amazing and truly authentic. She’s very down-to-earth yet connected to the light. She connected brilliantly to my guides and original truth. She is blessed with divine intuition and is a great guide to spiritual seekers and especially in the incubation period! God bless you, Daniela!”

Nahla, Editor.

“During a reading, when Daniela connects to the Akashic Records, the knowing flows with ease and brings a greater awareness to the client. Daniela is truly an earth-angel among the living.”

Nicole Haimari, Designer & Artist.